16 ago 2012

Goodbye Magic Wood, Hello Silvretta

Bodhi camping, where I have had my home for 7 weeks. 7 weeks of bouldering, fun, rain...rain again, some hot days and rain again.
I've had lot of time to think over, find something new in me, improve my climbing. I learned to climb alone, sometimes I just had no other choice, and give 100 % of me, which is a great improvement  in mental aspect of my climbing.
I've met lot of new friends, old friends, have seen lot of interesting things and places.

And if you have ever a chance to have a long trip and just do what you really like and enjoy it, don't think much, GO FOR IT!

We have filmed some new lines and will prepare a kind of a long film by the end of the trip.
Magic Wood, an excellent place where you always wan't to come back.

We have already had 2 days of climbing in Silvretta together with Nora, Luis, Lorena, Ignasi and Saruka. Beautiful place on almost 2000 m high with some stunning scenery and lot of boulders. If you were told to bring a lot of skin with you, be sure it's true. The granit is not sharp is the sharpest thing I've touched till the moment. Never the less, It's a great pleasure to climb here and hick around.
Here you have some fotos from Silvapark.

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