26 jul 2012

One step forward

It's been a long time since I posted no updates.

Here you have some great new, my first 8B fb, Dark Sakai. I'm really happy to reach the level and to do this line in particular.

The true is that it wasn't that long time I was working on the line, I'd say there were about 30 tries in 5 days over 3 weeks. It was important not to focus too much just on one bouldering and keep working on some other project that are many in Magic Wood.

Here you have some nice picture of me on the bouldering.

Dark Sakai, 8B
Foto by Nora Grosse

And of course the video.

Dark Sakai, 8B (V13) from Alex Germanovych on Vimeo.

So now I'm pretty much exited about trying some new hard lines with a bit more of confidence. And of course having great time in Magic Wood and a rest time in the lounge of Edelweiss.

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