26 may 2013

Still in shape!?

I'm sure all of us do this question to themselves before putting on the climbing shoes, riding the bike or just before leaving the confortable environment you live during the week.

Of course after you do some hard lines you learn something, get stronger, earn more experience and all these things. But still, how you can do this without following any training routine?
I have no clue...do you?
I can barely explain how I could top out an 8B bouldering. For the last 4 months I was climbing outside around once a week, sometimes even less and visiting the climbing gym about 1,5 times per week doing the most anarchic training possible.
The question now, how the people that train and climb 300 days per year can only put up 8C/+ FB? Nonsense...true!!? But anyway, if one day I do something closer to that, maybe there is something wrong with me :)

Closer to the point, it's been a time since no updates, and here it is. I've done another 8B(V13) FB. Once again in Targassonne. I know it looks kinda borring but it's nearly the only place around where you can find the best lines and better conditions. If you're lucky of course.
This time the forecast wasn't the worst, sun but low temperatures. The thought was "This might be the last chance before the season is over", even though the season finished on previous weekend when it was too hot even for having sun bathes. But still, there are not that many thing that can stop you if you really want to climb.

We arrived at about 7 PM to the spot. Sara, Ignasi and myself, difficult to say why that late ;). On arrival it started to snow, it was the sign. So I went up running, there wasn't time to warm up. Pep and Guille were already there painting tick marks.
After some very bad tries on the first day (about 3 month ago), bad tries on a second day and very good tries on the third day, I topped out the nasty boulder on the fourth day of tries. And then had to repeat it in darkness for the video. So here you have it:

Psoas mole, 8B (V13) from Alex Germanovych on Vimeo.

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