19 nov 2012

The best bouldering day yet!

I've started visiting Targasonne a time ago, maybe I did it 5 times since summer has finished. As usual there have been some good days, bad days, regular ones....
Since then I've done Abomination 7C, L'oeil du voisin 7C, Psoas hole 8A+ and Erotomecanics sit 8A+. But this weekend was really memorable.

Despite the bad whether forecast we went to Pyrenees. There were 4 of us this time, Pep aka "El loko", Nick aka "Yankee", Nuria aka "Bloquera imparable" and me. As soon as we arrived everyone went warming up. I didn't want to waste time so I made a fast ascent of Bob's your uncle 7C. Very nice compression problem, a bit morphologic and with scary top out.
Straight after I went to try once again my project La Théorie du Chaos 8B, for me the best problem in Targasonne, not very physical but requieres technic and mental endurance (in my case). So after trying the upper part I did it easily, took a rest and in two tries finished the whole problem!!! My second 8B...hope the progress won't stop this winter ;).

After I went to see my friends...but still didn't feel tired. There were lots of things in my head I wanted to try. Psoas boulder in Dolmens sector was the final choice as I already did one of the problems. I gave a couple of tries to Psoas mole, felt good as I did all the moves but didn't feel to be able to gather them all. So the direct central version became the target...after a while the humidity became a problem and I was slipping of the crimps and on my last try (I told myself it's the last as it was getting dark) I managed to do all the moves. 8B and 8A+ in one day!!! NOT BAD ;)

The next day we went to Taz for warming up...after some time I decided to check Zdabauw, did the first move (there are 3 in total) but higher temperature and bad skin conditions cut me off from more tries. We went to try some easier things and I did a classic Nazgul 7C. After everyone but me kept climbing and we went back home tired with no skin but happy.

Thanks everyone for good company, support and spot ;). Finally everyone came back home with ascents, Nick and Pep with lots of 7B's and Nuria with 6C. Good job!

Here you have some photos and of course the video of ascents!

A perfect day in Targasonne from Alex Germanovych on Vimeo.

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